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Quantum Healing for the Mind, Body and Spirit.







Quantum Healing Hypnosis was created, developed, and refined  by Dolores Cannon over her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist working with thousands of clients in countries all over the world. QHHT started with exploration of past lives.  Today, with the expansion of human consciousness, more than just past lives are available to explore.  You may experience other aspects of non-physical reality, similar to lucid dreaming or shamanic journeying; visit the Between Life State, perhaps connecting with guides or loved ones who have passed over; re-live forgotten or partially forgotten incidents from this life so as to heal or gain information.  Perhaps you are looking for help or insight with healing a physical issue or disease or you may have relationship or emotional issues.  Maybe you want to know what your soul contract is with certain people or  what your life purpose is and if you are on the right path.  You may have questions about the nature of reality or of consciousness itself. You may seek deeper connection with your own inner guidance and  seek validation for your deeper thoughts and feelings. You may want a deeper connection with God or Source. 


QHHT focuses on the concept that the client will go to "the most appropriate time and place" to address any requests for healing or information that you bring.  Your experience is guided by your own Higher Guidance and thus everyone's experience is different.  During a session you may experience one or more "lives"  and discover deep and profound connections to your current life situation. After connecting  to your Higher Guidance, we ask for appropriate answers or healing, depending on the questions that you bring. 


Your conscious mind is usually fully present during the session (it steps aside and listens) so that a portal or pathway is opened for you to access your Higher Guidance on your own after the session.  It also functions  like an energetic re-set at a higher level. That is why normally only one session is needed, although more sessions may be done if there is significant trauma from the current life or if you want  to go even deeper.  The method is very natural, easy and safe.  It feels kind of like a waking dream.


You will need to allow 4 hours for a session.  The first hour and a half or so we talk about your life, the key people in your life,  the process, and the questions you want me to ask you while you are in trance.  During this time we will be gradually moving toward the proper mental and emotional place for accessing the deeper part of the mind.  Before the trance part, we practice while you are still in the chair so that you will know you can do it and how it feels.  The actual trance part can be done either  in the easy chair or on a cot, whichever you prefer.  The trance part is usually about an hour and a half and is recorded for you.   Most people feel that they are aware the whole session but the memory  may quickly start to fade (as a dream does) so we go over the session for the last hour or so.  This also gives you time to get back to normal consciousness.



Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT - Dolores Cannon)/ BQH Session (See 

(If you have never had a past life regression, start with this.)  $400 cash.   3-4 hours. Please allow 4  full hours.  This includes a Past Life Regression.  Also, please bring from 10 to 20 written questions that you would like me to ask your Higher Guidance while you are in trance.  These could  have to do with relationships, health, career, life purpose, the past, unexplained occurences, dreams,  (or anything else!)  We will fine-tune your questions and perhaps add to them during the pre-trance discussion.  Please bring a copy of your questions for me with at least 2 inches of space between them to write on, written on one side of the paper only.







Are you ready to explore the intriguing and expansive world of inter-life explorations?  To re-establish your sense of connection and belonging as you cross the bridge between your current life and your own memories of your soul home?  To connect with loved ones who have passed?  To learn what your life contract and life purpose is and to get coaching from your guides?  To learn what your contract is with your loved ones?


LBL hypnotherapy was created by Dr. Michael Newton, PhD, developed from 35 years of unique, documented research with over 7,000 of his clients.  It is facilitated by a specialist method of deep hypnosis and its goal is to re-awaken the client's understanding of his or her soul's immortal identity.  LBL opens the way to direct, personal contact with your own guiding higher beings.  TNI certified therapists are already highly skilled in hypnosis, regression and past life regression before we train with TNI.   See Michael Newton's books Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, Memories of the Afterlife, visit or watch Michael's videos on YouTube.



Life Between Lives ( LBL-Michael Newton) Session

You must have already had a QHHT or other deep hypnosis (ideally, a successful past life regression)  with me or another practitioner before you can do an LBL. 3-4 hours. Please allow 4 full hours. $400 cash. The LBL session includes a past life regression, meeting with your Guide  where you can ask questions about the current life, and  exploration of  the between lives state (Spirit World).   Bring a short list of the most significant people in your life (past and present, alive or deceased), 2 or 3 adjectives to describe each person, and up to 10 questions you would like to have answered when you are in trance.




All sessions are digitally recorded for you as an  Mp3 and emailed to you.  Extensive notes are taken and given to you at the session.


I also will recommend to you an excellent mindfulness mediation app because people are almost always encouraged to meditate by their higher guidance as a way to connect more deeply.


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My Level I training was 5 days with Dolores Cannon herself in Arkansas in Fall 2012.  I took Level II with her the following spring.  I then obtained my certification  as a hypnotherapist (CHt.)    I trained with the Michael Newton Institute in Fall of 2014 and was certified as a Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (MSW, University of Michigan) and I also have a small private practice as a therapist.    I am also a certified Enneagram teacher (Helen Palmer method).  The Enneagram is a system of personality typing and development which facilitates freedom from egoic patterned behavior and leads to personal and spiritual growth.


I have always had a strong interest in spiritual growth and have studied many different approaches, including A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love (Mari Perron), which blend components of Christianity, Buddhism, and transpersonal psychology with a strong meditation component.    I recommend the books of Paul Selig (I Am the Word, and the others in the series)  and The Way of Grace by Miranda MacPherson.  All of these emphasize moving from the head to the heart to access reality at a deeper level .  I also am familiar with David Wilcock, Brian Weiss, The Ra Material (The Law of One), The Way of Mastery, Robert Monroe,  The Seth material,  David Hawkins, shamanic work, The Emotion/Body Code, est/The Forum/ Landmark, Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispenza, Bill McKenna,  and many others.   I am a long-time meditator and a student of Self-Realization Fellowship.


I have done over 1300 QHHT, LBL, and BQH (see hypnosis sessions (total) over the last 11  years and have a very high success rate.  Please email me to schedule a session or to ask any questions.


Alice Mixer, CHt (Certified Hypnotherapist) , LCMSW (Licensed Clinical Master of Social Work)

618 Miner Street

Ann Arbor, Michigan  48103


(Comfortable home office, quiet residential neighborhood, restroom, on-street parking, easy access from the major highways)



"We invite the return of what you know, and let your real Self guide you gently back to where you want to be and already are in truth."


"The mind has stood between you and your inner knowing, caught in a dream of perception."


"Can you let the worries of today leave your mind?  Can you let the disappointments of yesterday go and be no more?  Can you be still and know your Self?"


"Now it is up to you whether you allow your true nature to be revealed."


"Myth and reality have no concrete distinction in the illusion in which  you live.  In other words, you live as much by myth  as by truth and myth often more accurately reflects the truth than what you would call real.  This is not a call, however, to embrace myth, but to embrace the truth."


"Who you are is not limited to the concept of human being nor to the laws of man."


   Above Quotes from A Course of Love


Trust the wisdom of your own soul; it knows the way.  All the information comes from your own Higher Consciousness.


Your Higher Consciousness will never reveal more than you are ready to receive.  This process is very safe and gentle.   It is very much like a waking dream journey.


The message is always that you are loved and that your spiritual guidance is always with you; you are never alone. 




Currently scheduling for October  2024 and later.

Email me at to get available dates.  I will respond promptly.


If you would like to talk on the phone, please email me and we can schedule a call.


Updated May 2, 2024














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